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Ultimate Filter For Outdoor Wood Boilers

Ultimate Filter For Outdoor Wood Boilers

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Every Outdoor Wood Boiler Needs a Boilermag

BolerMag is the ultimate filter for your outdoor wood boiler or any other hydronic heating system. Because it removes magnetic as well as other particles it replaces "Y" strainers or other filters. Rust particles are too small for a "Y" strainers and in your outdoor wood heater, lead to reduced system life and performance. Rust in your water acts as an abrasive. Pump life, heat exchanger clogging, and heat exchanger failure are affected. 

Boilermag with 1 inch connections is a stocked item, other sizes will ship from the manufacturer. 


• Install/clean in minutes
• Patented magnetic circuit
• Unique dual flow
• Guaranteed no block
• High quality valves
• No block mesh guard
• 360° adjustment
• In-line installation
• Servicing tools included
• Superior collection capacity
• Easy access for chemical dosing
• System flushing attachment available


• 3 year warranty
• Reduced energy bills
• Increased boiler/system life
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Reduced carbon emissions



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