About Us

It's been a long road to get where we are today.

It's not a stretch to say that it started in prison.

That's where Jeff Zack, the owner of Z Supply (the manufacturer of PerformaFlex XT), was working as a sergeant when he became the elder-preneur that started the company.

Like so many, Jeff had not saved enough and was looking for an alternative to being a box store greeter in his waning years. With very little money and a lot of help, he stepped out in faith.

In 2011 the time was right to retire from the Michigan Department of Corrections and devote full attention to his growing company. From humble beginnings, Z Supply has grown to enjoy a 35 percent market share as of 2016. In 2014 we made over 350,000 feet of PerformaFlex. That's enough for about 3,500 outdoor wood boiler installs.

From the beginning Jeff was determined to build a different kind of company and to make a superior product. Quality will always be the most important goal. Not just a quality product, but quality service and relationships. Jeff will tell you that all good business is based on relationships. 

With that in mind Z Supply has focused on loving our customers, employees, and vendors. 

Developing innovative and quality products is always at the forefront of our company.  Now, with the introduction of PerformaFlex XT, we are the undisputed innovation and quality leader in insulated PEX.


Based on Micah 6:8, we call our M68 core values the "HIGH WAY of BUSINESS".

They require us to "Do Justice, Love Kindness, and Walk Humble before God". We see this as meaning we should do the right thing simply because it is right. We strive to treat our customers, employees and vendors with respect, and to always remember that all that we have came from the Creator. Everything we do at Z Supply is measured against this ethic. We know that we will sometimes fail and encourage you to hold us accountable.


Our vision for is to provide our customers with the best experience possible, to provide our dealers a product that will help them support their loved ones, and to be a blessing to our customers, employees, community, and family.


We have a deep understanding of the technology and science behind our products. This is particularly the case with the LOW-E surfaces that make our insulated PEX products perform as well as they do.


To do everything in such a manner that it brings glory to the Creator of the Universe.