Help Picking Your Pipe

"I hope you will find this guide helpful. Remember, you can always call and I will be happy to assist you" - Jeff Zack

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Most, about 95% of outdoor wood boiler / heater systems, DO NOT REQUIRE O2 Barrier PEX for the insulated underground pipe. They are an OPEN system. Brands include Central Boiler, HeatMaster, Hawken, Natures Comfort, Earth Outdoor, Hardy, Polar, Portage & Main,  WoodMaster,  Crown Royal,  Ridgewood, Tenessee, and many others 

HINT: Look for a vent on the top of your boiler, this is a clue #1 to an OPEN system. An OPEN system does NOT require O2 Barrier PEX,

O2 molecules are smaller than the polyethylene molecules in PEX pipe and so Oxygen can actually pass through the PEX into system water. This can be harmful to "CLOSED" type systems. That is why some require O2 Barrier PEX

Once you decide about Non-Barrier or Barrier PEX proceed to Step Two and consider what size PEX to use. You can always call for help deciding.

Size matters.
Generally speaking 1" PEX will work fine. It does depend on the length of the run and the BTU use in the target residence or building. Where the BTU use is low to moderate installers usually choose 1" PEX for their insulated pipe, even in relitevely long runs.

Where the run is longer or the BTU requirements high 1 1/4" insulated PEX should be considered. 

These are general guidelines and there are many variables. You should check with a hydronic heating pro or your system manufacturer for guidance.

The ID of PEX  is measured from the middle of the PEX wall and so the actual ID of 1" PEX is 7/8" (.875"). The ID of 1 1/4" PEX is actually 1.052"