What is a Radiant Barrier and why is it important to use for insulating PEX?

A "Radiant Barrier" is also known as a "Low-E' surface. In PerformaFlex XT it prevents the radiant energy generated by the hot water in the PEX lines from exiting the PEX / Insulation system.

There are three ways to lose heat:

  1. Conduction, this is when heat passed from one object to another through contact. The wave effect of the corrugated outer casing along with the air space, prevents this from being a major factor.
  2. Convection, this is losing heat by air movement. There is very little air movement in PerformaFlex XT insulated pipe.
  3. RADIATION, this is the movement of energy as it radiates away from an object. The Low-E surfce of our insulation takes care of this form of heat loss.

It is best to think of the Radiant Barrier / Low-E Surface in PerformaFlex XT as a FENCE preventing the heat from getting away.


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